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TMR Hair Luxe 15ml

TMR Hair Luxe 15ml
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Product Description

TMR Hair Luxe is a full spectrum treatment for the hair and scalp; a leave-in conditioner, scalp nourisher, UV guard, and hair shaft repair serum. TMR Hair Luxe is formulated to get to the root of hair loss and thinning in order to combat premature hair loss and thinning. Thinning due to imbalanced estrogen level in females, DHT in males, and shorter, less frequent anagen phases for both men and women.

YE-X, ensures key bio-nutrients are easily assimilated at the follicle level. Along with a a secondary nutrient source, this alcohol free serum penetrates to create healthier, stronger cells delivering vital building blocks in the subcutaneous layer where your hair follicle is located. Infused with flaxseed extract to eliminate dandruff, itching and increase oxygen supply to fight build up and prepare the scalp. Create open highways for delivery to the hair follicle! Argan oil works on the surface to add building components, such as sterols and supply powerful, natural UVA and UVB guards, keeping ends nourished and silky.

The result is faster growing, stronger, and healthier hair from the inside out!

BENEFITS: Stimulates hair growth, Protects and Defends against hair loss and thinning, Omega Fatty Acid nutrients for stronger thicker hair, Breaks down build up and excess sebum healing scalp, Duo silicone and natural heat protection, and Does not contain harsh fragrances or dyes

KEY INGREDIENTS: YE-X Complex, Argan Oil, Linseed Oil

DIRECTIONS : Apply lightly from the root and gently run down the entire length of hair ensuring tips are also treated. Lightly squeeze or pat to work oil into hair and fill damaged spots with the nutrient dense serum. May be applied throughout the day to treat dry, damaged, or sensitized hair due to external and environmental stresses.