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Protect. Revitalize.

Packaging change. Formally called Rosa Graf AHA 10%.

Rosa Graf Acide de Fruits 10% 1oz
Rosa Graf Acide de Fruits 10% 1oz
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Product Description

Rosa Graf Acide de Fruit 10% (AHA 10%) provides gentle exfoliation to the top layer of skin, helping to smooth lines, reduce wrinkles, bringing new skin to the surface, toning and giving a uniform color to skin. Rosa Graf Acide de Fruit 10% also helps fight against discoloration, acne scars and blemished areas. Use for at least 4 months. 1oz

Acide de Fruit 10% features a low pH value of 3.0. To guarantees the high effectiveness of the product, 90% of the fruit acid content is free, non-neutralized acid.

Directions: After thoroughly cleansing the face and neck, apply with gentle movements. Use in conjunction with salon treatments!

Key Ingredients: Glycolic Acid

AVOID sun exposure and use a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 or greater. Limit the sun exposure for at least a week after using this product.