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Nail Tek Foundation III 0.5oz

Nail Tek Foundation III 0.5oz
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Product Description

FOR DRY BRITTLE NAILS: Nail Tek FOUNDATION II fills unsightly ridges and nail damage while strengthening your natural nails. This unique base coat is formulated with a special blend of strengtheners, conditioners, micro-fibers, and natural fillers, creating a superior surface which greatly increases polish adherence for that long-lasting manicure. Nail Tek Foundation II smoothes uneven nail surfaces and masks nail imperfections for healthy, beautiful nails. 0.5oz

DIRECTIONS: Begin with clean nails. Treat with one coat of Foundation I as a base coat. Be sure to keep all nail products away from the cuticle and skin as they may cause dryness. Color with two coats of your favorite nail polish. Use Daily as a top coat over polish. After one week remove all polish and begin again.