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Lipchic Renew Creme 0.27oz
Lipchic Renew Creme 0.27oz
Lipchic Renew Creme 0.27oz
Item#: lipchicrenewcreme027oz
Regular price: $12.50
Sale price: $8.75

Product Description
Lipchic Lip Renew Creme does not act as a coating but works below the surface to give you instantly soft, chap-free, SPF-protected lips for 8+ hours. It moisturizes your lips and surrounding skin to help diminish line formation. Lipchic Renew Creme penetrates quickly to protects lips from dry lipsticks, lip pencils, and activities including, skiing, the beach, tanning beds, etc. Lipchic Lip Renew Creme generates invisible, non-glossy all-day moisture which is perfect for everyone in the family, adults and children. For added benefits use at night!