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Credentials Exfoliators
Credentials Exfoliators
Credentials Exfoliators
Item#: credentialsexfoliators

Product Description
An integral part of any skincare regimen. Remove debris while preparing your skin for further treatments.

Key Ingredients: Rice Bran, Oat Flour and Almond Meal
Credentials Fine Polish Facial Beads 4.5 oz
Credentials Therapeutic Buff Creme 4 oz
Credentials Honey Almond Scrub 4 oz
Credentials Soft Grain Scrub 4 oz
Credentials Micro-Mineral Resurfacing Treatment 2.5 oz
Credentials Mineral Vitalizing Complex 1oz
Credentials Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask 4 oz
Credentials Foaming Skin Polish 8 oz
Credentials Refining Jojoba Cleanser 6.8oz
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Sale price: $16.80