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A-CUTE DERM B-Kleer 15 Lotion w/Glycolic Acid 1oz

A-CUTE DERM B-Kleer 15 Lotion w/Glycolic Acid 1oz
Item# acutebkleer15lotionglycolicacid1oz
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Product Description

A superb formula used to exfoliate your skin while stimulating everything healthy in the skin. Formulated with Glycolic Acid which is known for its ability to fight through acne pustules. A-CUTE DERM B-Kleer 15 Lotion removes discoloration and has been found to show improvement in tone, texture and scarring even if not caught early-on. 1oz

This product is perfect for combination to acne prone skin and works extremely well with makeup.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Glycolic Acid 15% - Exfoliates, deep cleanses proes, and improves skin tone and texture.